Monday, October 3, 2011

Lady Gaga, Who?

 Meat dress, bloody performance , dressed like a man. What is the message that Lady Gaga wants to send to the world with this? We don't know, but Gaga's fans give the support for these crazy ideas of hers. These fans want to be what Lady Gaga wants to be. But we can't deny how successful Lady Gaga is. Her videoclips, each one with a little bit of insanity, had a million exhibitions. "Bad Romance", for example, is the second most-viewed video on YouTube, just losing for "Baby", Justin Bieber's video. This succesful Gaga's video won a lot of awards and put her on top. But this craziness is natural of Gaga's personality or it's just a good idea to make her an icon? Lady Gaga said in so many interviews that she was born this way, name that is the title of her second and polemical album, "Born This Way". But this, just Gaga knows, and she is on the right track, baby.

Gaga's Insanity

Everybody knows that Lady Gaga is such an insane woman. But how insane is she really? Gaga, like everyone calls her, on her first videoclip that was successful, "Just Dance", showed us a sexual woman that seems not to be afraid of anything. Someone who does and says whatever comes to her mind. Wait... In her mind or in her label mind? With "just dance" Gaga exploded on the radios, TV and everyone was waiting for what she would do on her next video. Another surprise, "Poker Face" came and it was even more successful that "Just Dance"! Come on, now her label knows exactly what she has to do to be more and more successful. Today, although Lady Gaga is one of the most influential personalities around the world, she is not so original like almost everyone thinks. Look at these pictures and see by yourself.

We can see her last video, "You and I". Please, check "Just Dance", "Born this way" and then "You and I". What do you think about the difference? Tell us on your comment.

Lady Gaga launches Gaga Goo Goo babywear
The eccentric singer has made her most iconic outfits available for small children. *But it's only a spoof. Do you have the courage put these clothes on your children?
Check this video!

Clothes gone gaga

Lady Gaga! Does that name ring a bell? Eccentricity, innovation, style, questionable courage ...? What is certain is that Gaga’s style influence, and a lot, the world of fashion and fashion designers. At the moment the pop diva Lady Gaga launches its clothing line in partnership with designers of designer McQueen. The collection is an expansion of the brand that recently lost its creator. Clothes promise eccentricity and style Gaga. Check out some of Gaga style:
Joe Calderone
Gaga in 2009 VMA
Lady Gaga's accessories are nuts!

Lady Gaga isn’t known only for her music, but mainly because of weird way to dress. Whether awards, parties or even the daily routine, she always surprises us. See below the accessories worn by Lady Gaga.
To start, Gaga used in the “Telephone” music video glasses made of cigarettes.
After a photo shoot in New York, Gaga came out with these “discreet” red sunglasses.

Lady gaga landed in Sydney, Australia, with soda cans stuck to the hair. The same hairstyle can be seen in the video music "Telephone".

 The meat look used by Lady Gaga in an award, counted with a bag, a shoes and a hat made of meat too.

In a simple walk Gagacan impress us.

For us to wait for the next looks of Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga's crazy hairstyle!

This singer has some very strange wigs, but her hair is very cute! It's so flashy, but on the other hand it is very charming. Cute hairstyles for Lady Gaga are rare.

Gaga is known for her extravagant and quirky visuals. One of these hairstyles is that weird ice-cream-cone shaped hairdo. Not nice!


She really has a lot of creativity! Besides the ice cream cone, there is this button hair !
Someday if you drop a button on your blouse, be careful it's a piece of Lady Gaga !

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