Friday, October 21, 2011

Michael Jackson Was Brilliant

There are fantastic songs of all types and styles (like rock’n’roll, pop, romantic and others) that stay forever in our lives. Talking about pop, we can’t forget his king, Michael Jackson .
Michael  Joseph Jackson was born in Indiana – USA,  in August  29, 1958. He’s the seventh child of the Jackson Family. He started singing when he was six years old, with his brothers, the “Jackson Five”. In 1971, MJ began his solo career, as a brilliant composer, singer and dancer, who made unforgettable songs, like “Heal the world”, and “Thriller”, the most famous of all.
Michael was a very important person, because he created the video clip and he did several things to help the world. His last clips were about ecological and social consciences. He supported many organizations. He traveled around the word visiting poor places and underprivileged people to help in different ways, for example, Dona Marta (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil). He tried to make a better world.

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