Monday, October 17, 2011

Just(in) Bieber

Hello all!!

Our groups is going to talk about Justin Bieber. Many people like him but many people hate him!
Justin Bieber is a famous pop singer nowadays. He  was born on 1st march in 1994 Stratford, Ontário. 
He is very young. 

He is tall and thin. He has short and straight hair and brown eyes.

We are going to concentrate on the negative points of BEING Justin Bieber and HAVING Justin Bieber in the world. 
  • His songs are boring and make us fell headache. 
  • His fans are hysterical
  • He is ridiculous 
  • His hair is a wig 
  • He is a pain in the neck 
  • His date is a fake . He is too infantile to Selena Gomez, because she is much older than him         
  • My ears bleed when he begin to sang 
  • His show disturbed the carioca teams
  • He imitates Michael Jackson ,  but we know he will never be like Michael Jackson, because Michael Jackson was good and he is bad
Justin Jackson??
  •  Justin  Bieber is very self-centered and selfish;
  • We are sure that the fans who are crazy and hysterical about him, waste their time, money and voice and many people get sick because they can’t meet him.
  •  He doesn’t care about his fans: he just thinks about his fame, money and himself
  •  He changed his hair style because many boys wanted to use his style, because he makes a big success among the girls. So , the boys thought they would have the same success (That’s absolutely ridiculous!).            

But It is important to remember that he is not all bad:
- He is a talented boy
- He dances and sings very well
- He is solidary and the most important
- He is tender
-and the most important: He is PERFECT! 

So, here goes some videos both for those who like and dislike him:

You like JB? So, click here!!

You hate JB? So, click here!!

Now, tell us your opinion?
Do you like this little boy? Why (not)?

Did you enjouy our post??
Hope you did!


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