Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Start hating Restart

Do you like Restart? We don't. And we'll give you some reasons to hate them:
1st -  They like to wear  tight and  colorful pants! :p
2nd - Have you ever listened to their music? It is HORRIBLE, guys!
3rd - They are stupid, you know? Check this video:

If you think we’re done, NOT YET!!!
4th - They straight their hair! (Do you think it is funny? We don’t.)

Well, we can show you many other reasons to hate them, but as we don’t have time or space, we will stop here.
And you?
If you know any reason not to like them, tell us!
Now it is time to speak your mind.
But if you like Restart, you can defend them here too!

Why don’t they just RESTART their lives?

YE6 Tue/Thu 2:30 pm Vanessa Paiva