Monday, October 3, 2011

"I (sickly) love you"

Fans, where the admiration ends and begins the obsession, some fans make sacrifices in the name of his idol. According the dictionary, the word sacrifice comes from combining two Latin words "sacro" + "facere", in other words, became a sacred act. We can cite same examples: a young girl who wrote the name "Neymar" in her lip, another girl tattooed on his back a love letter written by the character Edward Twilight movie and finally a girl killed her pet cat and painted his body with blood of the animal imitating the performance of Lady Gaga.
Here comes a ranking of what fans have been up to in order to reach their idols!

5) Liptattoo me! 
A crazy fan of Demi Lovato’s has tattooed her lip with the star’s name.
Demi Lovato saw the tatto and post on the Twitter and responded with, ” ….. AHHH!! THAT’S AWESOME!! hahaha wow. I’m honored!!!”

4) Justin Bieber's crazy fans

  Probably 90% of Justin Bieber fans are girls. With that number we can understand why some crazy things happen. The girls become really excited with all the figure of popstar and do things without thinking or before thinking. There's a shocking but good example of an out of mind act of fans. An unknown fan cut its own arm and wrote with blood: "JB I love". It is understandable to like an idol so much that people go beyond they usually went for a person, but it is important to establish some limits of what's acceptable and what's is not. To take pictures, camp around the area of the show in order to wait until it begins, to carry posters, to attach posters in all the bedroom or in the car is not so bad, or even sick. However, if someone loves so much a certain idol and do things that threaten the physical integrity of the individual and/or more people, it has to stop. To like people is healthful, if it gives a good sensation, making people's lives happier, without pain and hurt.   

3) Cat-astrophe
"A diehard Miley Cyrus fan has threatened to make a meal out of her pet cat if the teen star doesn’t go back on Twitter". This statement opens an article which relates the despearate attempt of a fan who believes not be able to live without Miley's tweets.
It could just be "a prank or a hoax" but not even the girl says that she is not joking but it is also a case of animal cruelty. Therefore it calls our attention to the fact that the insanity of some fans does not respect even the society concerns about animal rights.
On the other hand,as The Humane Society (a U.S. animal protection organization) clarified, threatening to kill animals is not criminal. Moreover, “'only seven states in the U.S. have laws against eating dogs and cats', which, unfortunately, does not include the state where 'Cat lady' resides".
Anyway, there is a point which remains unnoticed and which is more important than the animal rights: Can a fan threaten his idol at all?
Once it happens it is very terrifying to think that it can become an routine.
To sum up: are the fans allowed to charge theirs idols? To threaten someone is a legitimate way of making public our clamours? 

2) Human teeth necklace
We know there are many artists who have strange habits or manias, but Ke$ha has a different if not bizarre one: collect human teeth. Everything started when a "crazy" fan sent a tooth to her, and she made a necklace with this tooth, since then many fans in the world have been sending their teeth to Ke$ha's house or giving it to her during her shows. So nowadays she wants to make a dress with the fans' teeth because she has a lot of them.
         Ke$ha is in Brazil to sing at Rock In Rio and appeals to her fans for throwing their teeth on the stage. She said once on Twitter: "I got a tooth from a fan and I made a necklace with it. But now what I really want is to create a necklace of teeth to use in any awards ceremony... What I am saying is: please send me your teeth... I need your teeth." And you? Are you a Ke$ha's fan? Can you help her make her dream a reality?

1) Virginity on sale

Media has named them as "beliebers", meaning those who believe in Justin Bieber.
What is there in him to be believed in? Are we talking about any sort
of religion? A dogma? This term, though shocking, seems be quite realistic.
Sad and realistic. On September 12th many people started wondering  why was the phrase 'Rosaura de Justin Bieber' trending on Twitter. The mystery was about to be unfolded.
Rosaura from Monterrey, Mexico freaked out the moment she found out Justin's gig's tickets
had all been sold out in a blink of eyes. A great deal of teen hysteria followed, culminating in this offer on Facebook Marketplace, an informal auctioning app.
"My virginity in exchange for a ticket. I need it so badly", she said. "Unbeliebable"!
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