Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It took nearly 100 hours of fun over seven days and an audience of 700,000 people attending the City of Rock for keeping track of more than 160 attractions of the Rock in Rio, which returned to its hometown after 10 years. But the event's success can also be evaluated by 180 million viewers from 200 countries attended the festival through the official website of the actions and social networks across the Internet. The economic balance of the festival demonstrates the many benefits that the event has brought not only to partner companies as well as for the city of Rio de Janeiro. And the most anticipated news is confirmed by the public. Rock in Rio will be back in September 2013, at the same place: the Olympic Park Rock City.

Who couldn't go in person watched on television or on the internet.

People that went there had great fun. The shows went beyond the World Stage, Sunset, Rock and Electronics Street.

The City of Rock released several attractions for people's amusement.

A total of 83,200 people passed through the Wheel of Itaú and municipality of Rio de Janeiro, the Tyrolean Heineken, the Free Fall of Bis, and also by the roller coaster of Chilli Beans. The toys were part of the party, which purpose was to offer lots of fun to the public throughout the day.


Wheel Itaú and Rio de Janeiro Mayor's Office: about 37,000 people
Tyrolean Heineken: about 5.2 million people
Free Fall Bis: about 9.5 million people
Rollercoaster Chilli Beans: about 31 500 people
Total: 83 200 people took advantage of the parallel activities in the City of Rock

Seven days to created 331 ton of garbage.

Of this total, 74 tonnes of organic waste collected by Comlurb were taken to the Cashew Plant for composting and transformation of organic fertilizer called Fertilurb that will be used by the Municipal Environment in the "Green River Capital," reforestation program of the municipality that recover 1,500 hectares by 2012.


- Rock in Rio 10 000 jobs generated directly and indirectly;

-  Rock in Rio averaged 90% occupancy of the rooms of the hotels in Rio.

- The city had the visit of 350 000 foreign tourists.

- Rock in Rio rose to 4.5 million followers in social networks, making it the festival with better in this regard, overcoming the world's other major festivals such as Glastonbury (UK), Lollapalooza (USA), Coachella (USA)

- The official website of the festival had more than 5 million unique visitors

- 35 tons of waste will be transformed into organic fertilizer.

- The Metallica concert set a record of transmissions in the history of YouTube.
- Users from more than 200 countries watched the concerts live Rock in Rio
- More than 70 million people were affected on the Internet during the first day.
- Rock in Rio was the trending topics in 8 countries.
- 49 tonnes of waste have been for recycling.
- The official channel of the RIR peaked at 4 million visits.
- About 13 thousand people had already bought the Rock In Rio credit card for 2013.
- It took 98 hours of music with over 160 attractions.



What was the best International band or singer that played in the world Stage?

Katy Perry
Elton John
Maroon 5
Janelle Monáe
Stevie Wonder
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Gun’s in Roses
Snow Patrol
System of a Down

What was the best Brazilian band or singer that played in the World Stage?

Capital Inicial
Claudia Leite
Ivete Sangalo
Marcelo D2
Milton Nascimento
Jota Quest
Maria Gadu

What Band or singer do you want in Rock in Rio 2013?

Justin Bieber
Mc Marcinho
Lady Gaga
Luan Santana
Britney Spears

What was the most interesting entertainment attraction in Rock in Rio?
Roda Gigante Itaú
Tirolesa Heineken
Free Fall Bis
Roussian Montain Chilli Beans

The first negative point is transportation. There were delays of more than two hours in the bus with tickets purchased in advance by the fans, the so-called "special buses Rock in Rio". The vehicles went to pick up extra passengers, who paid on time, and the delay was great. There are also complaints from passengers who had to travel on foot.

Another issue was security. Once this first weekend there was an "arrastão" 200 meters from the entrance of the Rock in Rio, which left 28 people without portfolio, mobile, and tickets. There were over 350 instances of reported thefts and assaults. The festival organizers increased the number of police and security guards. The fans were also angered by the long queues to buy snacks.

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