Friday, September 30, 2011

SWU - music and sustainability

The Festival


SWU (Starts with you) is an awareness movement for sustainability which aims to mobilize the largest possible number of people around the cause, showing that, through small steps, with simple and individual attitudes of your day-to-day you can help build a better world to live. The movement was born from the initiative of Eduardo Fischer, TotalCom Group President and part of the belief that small actions can have big changes.

 Sustainability in the Festival

Have you ever heard about Kyoto´s Protocol? Have you heard about “Systemic Thoughts”? If you haven´t, don´t worry! We will try to explain it to you in this brief paragraph. Everything that comes from the nature, one day will be over. However, it is possible to choose a good way to live trying to keep the 'harmony” of nature. This main issue was overly discussed in a conference at Kyoto, Japan. At that time, people from all of world decided to do something to make our world a better place to live. This is the idea of sustainability, as it is in the “Brundtland Report”, published in 1987.
 Trying to put the capitalist´s interests together with the environment is not an easy thing. But, if everyone works together it is a good way to start. We don´t need to do great things to change the world. If we start doing it at home, for example, saving energy, changing our light bulbs to fluorescent ones, using less water and changing some practices such as excessive spending of natural resources, we can help the environment. After that, improving our neighborhood will be so important! More than you can imagine!
 The festival has a sense of awareness about sustainable practices, it seeks to show that you can live in a cleaner place than we have today, literally the symbol of the Festival seeks to demonstrate sustainable practices that start with individual actions in collective and positive thinking.
 The concept of sustainability throughout the festival is developed in a way to show that human beings, considered the great responsible for the huge pollution in the world, are now on the spotlight in the discussion about the improvement of the planet we live in. As well as the concept, Starts With You, is the motto of the festival, starts with us, the whole process of renewal and motivation for a better world it is possible today.
 The festival SWU won’t have only musicians. David Cahen, head of alternative energy department at the Weizmann Institute in Israel and Steve Andrews, president of the NGO Britannic Solar Aid will also be there. They will discuss about alternative energy and the possibility to exploit abundant clean energy.
The main reason is to make people’s life better and help the planet cutting down on toxic gas emission.

SWU 2011

  In 2011, the SWU Music and Arts Festival will take place in Paulínia, São Paulo. They have chosen Paulínia because of the commitment of the city to transform the area of the Festival in the first district of Sustainability, Technology and Entertainment of Brazil. The city counts with a project of development which has been investing in the culture and the creative industry to reduce the economic dependence on the petrochemical complex. The event consolidates Paulínia's cultural vocation that will be the pilot for the implementation of best practices of sustainability and urban planning which will include solar energy, cooling-system with water-based technology (reducing the use of air-conditioning), vacuum system for garbage collection in the areas of leisure and culture.

 Who’s in the Festival?


SWU Festival will be held in November 12, 13 and 14 in Paulínia - São Paulo.
People will have the opportunity to find the best of Rock, Hip Hop, Black, Reggae and World Music in just one festival.
Some bands and singers who have already been confirmed for the first day: The Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Damian Marley, Michael Franti and Spearhead. Other artists that are going to sing in the event are: Copacabana Club, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, Ghostland Observatory, Simple Plan, Miyavi, Bag Raiders, Pepper, Ash, The Black Angels, Crystal Castles, Peter Gabriel & The New Blood Orchestra, Chris Cornell, Duran Duran, Tedeschi Trucks Band.

 And now a short list of the bands that have already been confirmed at SWU:

* Megadeth - is a heavy metal band from the U.S. The group was formed in 1983.  

 * The Black Eyed Peas is a hip hop group, R & B and electronic music, formed in Los Angeles, California in 1995. The group is composed of Will.I.Am,, Taboo, and Fergie.  

 * Snoop Dogg is the stage name of Calvin Broadus Cordozar, a rapper and American actor who was born on October 20th, 1970.

* Peter Gabriel  is a musician from the UK. Peter is also engaged in many charitable causes.

* Neil Young - Neil Percival Young is a musician and songwriter from Canada, who made his career in the United States. Young is an American rock legend, but his musical style moves from folk to country rock.

* Kesha (stylized Ke $ ha) – is the stage name of Kesha Rose Sebert, a pop singer and songwriter from the United States. 

 * Faith No More is an American rock band formed in San Francisco, California, formed in 1981 and returned to activities in 2009 after a break of 11 years. It is considered the greatest rock band from the 1990s.

Let´s bear in mind that our planet needs us! Starts With You!
We would like to know your opinion about this Festival. Tell us!

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