Thursday, October 27, 2011

The top 4 of the Halloween bands

This band from Noruega don't scare only for satanic lyrics but for the outfit.

2- Rob Zombie

Today, the band Rob Zombie founder is Zé do Caixão. Diferent metal mates. The Rob Zombie don´t like the demon. but they do critics to cristian religions in their music.

Slipknot doesn´t scare because of the music '' If you are 555, I'm 666''.
They use an ugly mask to scare the public, the video clips are scary too .

4- Cannibal Corpse
Talking about evil, do you know Cannibal Corpse ? They are very scary. All their CD covers are offensive. They are very cool, and their covers have the "Parental Advisory" stamp.