Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Different Music

We are a mixed group of students from RJ, Brazil. Our native language is Portuguese, and we’ve made this post to show you our different kinds of music. We’d like to tell you about the best music of the world. We don't know your musical preference but we're trying to present you some styles like samba, bossa, pop, rock, and let you know  how sensitive we are.

If I were you, I would come to Rock in Rio because it's the best music festival on Earth. It’s a music festival which happens every other year and puts most of our types of music together.

On the other hand, we strongly recommend you to avoid listening to funk, “happy rock” and pagode because they're our worst type of music. The lyrics are really weak...

That's all for now :)

CE6; MON-17:30; Rafael Blanco