Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The band Red Hot Chili Peppers started in 1983 in a highschool in California. The main music style is rock. The band was formed BY the singer, Anthony Kiedis, and the bassist Flea. Now, the group is formed by Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Chad Smith (drummer) and guitar player Josh Klinghoffer.

The first album was Freaky Styley in 1985, but the people didn’t accept it.

At the time of the second disc, the format of the band was : Hillel Slovak(guitar player)  and Jack Irons( drummer) who were  schoolmates of Kiedis and Flea. In 1988, after of the third disc, Slovak died of overdose and Josh Kinghoffer entered in his place.

Only, in 1999, the album Californication was the biggest success that confirmed The Red Hot one of the biggest funk- rock bands. In that year, the band played in the Festival of Woodstock. In 2011, they played in Rock in Rio, where they made a tribute for Rafael Mascarenhas, Cissa Guimarães’s son.

The last album came out in August 2011, with the name “I’m With You” and many people accepted it. In this album, Flea plays piano on some songs.

The band sold 50 million copies in all the world and won many Grammys.

YE3; 14:15 MON; Rafael Blanco