Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not only ROCK in Rio

Legions of fans are looking forward to witnessing one of the most famous music events that is finally back to Rio and that has attracted millions of people strongly desiring to see artists from all over the world performing live: Rock in Rio. 
The festival has faced some changes since its first edition in 1985. Firstly, it was an event focused on rock only, but after some time pop artists, for instance, were invited to join the list.  Also, differently from what the name may suggest, the event did not take place only in Rio: it has also landed in Portugal and Spain due to its great success.
But the fact is: despite having embraced different music genres, the festival is still as successful as it was in the past, so much so that in a few days all tickets for this edition were sold out.
Today’s post aims at recalling momentous performances concerning the 3 most significant music genres that can be encountered in the event. We hope you like it! So… Let's rock!

The concert performed in the first edition in 1985, received 30% of the votes, being considered the most remarkable of all editions.
Well, if that show was really the most remarkable one of all editions we cannot guarantee, but it was indeed a thrilling presentation. Check it out:

This video immortalized the song “Love of My Life” in Brazil, where the voices of thousands of people add to Freddie Mercury’s.

Guns  N' Roses:
They have performed in Rock in Rio twice and these two shows were considered their best performances of all time according to the lead singer Axl Rose. Moreover, it was in Rock in Rio 2 that the drummer Matt Sorum and the keyboardist Dizzy Reed made their debut.
Last but not least, the band took advantage of the opportunity to introduce some new songs - that would only be released at the end of that year – just to see the reaction of the public.

When asked about which band they would like to see in the festival, the public voted for Metallica, which  is performing on the third day.
The group members are: Hetfield (vocals, guitar), Lars Ulrich (drums), Kirk Hammett (guitar) and Robert Trujillo (bass).
The band is one of the most influential and popular heavy metal groups.


The first time that the Pop groups or singers appeared in Rock in Rio was in Rock in Rio 2 with the famous American boy band New Kids On The Block. They became famous in Brazil with their single Step by Step.

In Rock in Rio 3 there was a day especially designed for adolescents in which Pop groups and singers were the main attractions. N'Sync , Britney Spears, Five, Aaron Carter and Sandy & Junior, to name but a few, were present.

Having invited Pop singers to perform in the festival proved to be a great success as it managed to attract more people to the event.

Now, in Rock in Rio 4, names such as Rihanna, Katy Perry and Shakira, for example, are going to drive fans to frenzy.

Axé Music:

One of the most popular Brazilian rhythms present in Rock in Rio is Axé music. The first Axé presentation was in 2001 and this genre wasn't very well accepted by the crowd, so much so that some people threw bottles on the stage during Carlinhos Brown’s performance. 

However, in the following years, artists like Ivete Sangalo and Daniela Mercury presented in the festival too and were responsible for increasing the acceptability of Axé and attracting crowds to the event. This year, Axé will be represented by the new star, Claudia Leitte, and the veteran Ivete Sangalo, who will certainly be a huge success!

Now we would like to hear from you:

Do you think Rock in Rio should only be a rock event or do you think having performances in different genres makes it even more successful?

Well, that’s all for now…

B7 Tue / Thu 9:30 – Camila Pereira.