Thursday, October 6, 2011

What's your favorite song?

Who has never cried listening to a song? Who isn’t able to remember an important moment in his/her life while listening to a melody? Who hasn’t sung a lovely song to his/her lover yet ? Music is everywhere in our lives. That’s why, we made up our minds about sharing our memorable  songs. The ones that for some reasons touched our soul and became unforgettable in our  lives. Enjoy yourselves by bringing back old memories!

 By the way, do you know what song was considered the greatest song of all time?
 Here you give you three options:

a)    Imagine (John Lennon)
b)   Like a Rolling Stone ( Bob Dylan)
c)    I can’t get no satisfaction (The Rolling Stones)

 Watch the video and check if you were right.

         Although that song was the best of the century, we have different opinions to share. Our favorite songs are the following:
This song means a lot to me for several reasons. I chose it because whenever I listen to  it I feel light and happy as I can go back and remember the wonderful moments of my childhood.I remember the Christmas holidays with family and friends and my parents dancing together, listening to this song. And of course,  it reminds me of my boyfriend.  I love the voice of Barry White.  

Besides having beautiful lyrics and melody, the song "My Girl", which  was  originally  recorded by the band The Temptations,  has had several versions. It also has great emotional value to me. When I was a child , every night before  going  to bed, my dad used to sing this song to  me. Now, my father sings it  to my daughter. We are  his girls.

The song  of my life is "I will always love you" (Whitney Houston) because it reminds me of my boyfriend. When we met, this song  was playing. It  is very special to  me.

One song which I like very much is “À Amizade” by  Fundo de Quintal band. It’s an interesting samba music that is  about friendship. I agree with the idea of this song: not only are friends with you at good time, but also at bad time.

A song by the Arctic Monkeys called Reckless Serenade reminds me of my college because
every free time I had with my best friends during the first term, we used to go to the CA (Academic Center) in order to listen to this song. Actually, we would listen to the full 4th Arctic monkeys' album called "Suck it and see", but we did love this song specially because it's really beautiful and there are great metaphors like this one: “called up to listen to the voice of reason and got the answering machine”

Besides that, Arctic Monkeys is a great band and I  recommend them to everybody!

What about you? What’s your favorite song?

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