Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who are They?


        This person is a singer but sometimes works as an actor in some national films too. He’s from Brazil and he’s about 40 years old. His musical genres are samba rock and MPB. People like listening to his music in barbecues! He was a homeless person but today he’s loved by Brazilian people.

        She is a singer and an actress too. Many people think she’s American, but she isn’t. She’s about 25 years old. She’s single and doesn’t have children. On stage, she has lots of sex appeal. She’s high profile and gets involved in lots of polemics.

        This person is from Tennessee, USA. He’s 30 years old and he’s single. He’s a singer and an actor too. He’s on the screen now! He sings pop music and has many hits. He’s a blond and polemic singer’s ex-boyfriend. We think he’s handsome!

        She’s from the USA and she’s about 40 years old. She’s a singer and a composer. She’s in her second marriage and is a mother of twins. She has a strong voice, one of the most powerful voices! But some years ago she tried to kill herself in a hotel room because of a love disillusion. Now she’s very happy with her new family.

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Teacher: Evelyn Marques