Tuesday, November 1, 2011

If Rock in Rio was ours

We have chosen a singer or band that we would like to see in Rock in Rio. You’ll find our suggestions below.  Do you agree with us? Give your suggestions.

Vampire Weekend
Vampire is a wonderful band and their songs are great. They play rock but it’s a melody rock. Some people think their song is alternative, but I don’t think so. Maybe that’s why they weren’t in Rock in Rio. It doesn’t matter, I like them.

I have been listening more about Vampire Weekend, and I would like to see them in the next Rock in Rio.

               Lulu Santos
I think Lulu Santos is a great singer  because he pleases not only young but also old people. His songs are dancing (have a danceable melody) and they have beautiful messages. I’d like to see him in the next Rock in Rio.


I’d like to see Sade in Rock in Rio because she is a great singer. She has a beautiful voice. She has never been to a show in Brazil but she was in Brazil on October 22nd .

Pato Fu

Pato Fu is a great band of alternative rock. The lead singer is Fernanda Takai, she has a beautiful voice and she was nominated for Times Magazine as one of the best singers in the world. I think they should be in the next Rock in Rio because they’re amazing!

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake is a wonderful singer. I think he should be in Rock in Rio. He sings and dances very well. He’s also handsome. His songs are romantic and have beautiful lyrics.
Finally, if Rock in Rio was mine, of course Justin Timberlake would be there.

Jesus Culture
Rock in Rio has become eclectic, don't you think so? Because of this variety of musical styles, I ask: Mr. Medina, why not inviting Christian bands to the event?
This year's event had many good bands from all styles to all tastes but just a few bands that I enjoy. Therefore, "if Rock in Rio was mine," these bands and singers would be present at the event:  
Misty Edwards, Jesus Culture, Hillsong United, Molly Williams, Building 429, Jeremy Camp, Kari Jobe.

Among the Brazilian bands: Palavrantiga, Livres Para Adorar, Heloisa Rosa, David Quinlan, Filhos do Homem, Apocalipse 16.

Lady Gaga

I'd like to see Lady Gaga in Rock in Rio because she is one of the great discoveries of pop music and her show would be different and funny.

Check how our Rock in Rio would be like:

CE2  Tue -Thu 11: 00 Carolina Manoel