Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Music Tribes from Rio!

Rio is musical!

Rio is famous because of different music styles, people and culture. Among the many different types of music, we'll talk about:

Funk is from the suburbs in Rio de Janeiro, but nowadays it is for all classes.

Samba is typical from Rio. It is famous internationally. Many people like Carnival in Rio, for example, and go to the Samba school parades.

It is a typical type of music from the Northeast that is a success in Rio and the public who likes it is very different. Examples: Calcinha Preta, Mastruz com leite, Cavalheiros do Forró. 

Generally, people that like MPB are intelectuals. The lyrics are intelligent. Examples: Djavan, Milton Nascimento, Glad Azevedo, Tom Jobim, Jorge Vercilo, Maria Gadú. 

It is very popular and it's from Jamaica. Examples: Tribo de Jah, Cidade Negra and Bob Marley (the main singer). 

People who like rock wear black clothes and they play the guitar. There are some groups in Rock, for example: Heavy metal (Sepultura) and Pop Rock (Barão Vermelho). The lyrics talk about polemic themes. 

People who like Gospel wear clothes according to their religion. They sing a lot. Usually. their music is for praying. Examples: Aline Barros and Oficina G3.

People who like country wear hats, tight jeans and boots. Their music is about love. Examples: Luan Santana and Miguel Teló. 

What is your tribe?
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