Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Brazilian Carnival

Samba is a Brazilian type of music. A bi g party of Samba is the  Carnival in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Carnival is a popular Brazilian party, and famous people celebrate it, too. This wonderful celebration is a big business because many people travel to Brazil to have fun.
The Carnival is usually on February and it’s a holiday in Brazil. It’s a famous celebration and very important to Brazilian people. Samba is the favorite type of music to Brazilians. To many people Samba is a lifestyle. Brazil has a lot of Samba singers. For example: Zeca Pagodinho, Arlindo Cruz and Bete  Carvalho. Zeca Pagodinho is very good. His famous  songs  are “Deixa a Vida Me Levar” “Será”. Portela is his favorite samba school.

The Carnival is a big Brazilian show. It’s a very important moment for Brazilian people. It’s a happy party. We like a lot the month February to dance, to sing, to drink, to watch the  Carnival parade. Come and have fun!

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