Friday, November 4, 2011

Funk: what do you think about it?

                Funk was born in the USA in 1960’s from the mix of soul, jazz and R&B. Created by afro-Americans, a new dance style that has short sentences that are repeated many times. In the 1980’s the funk lost popularity in the USA and went to Rio de Janeiro with total strength.

                James Brown was a very important singer to the evolution of funk, but there were other singers like George Clinton, Rick James, Chaka Khan, etc…

                The Bloco Vermelho Digital.

                Fabrício is a DJ of Bloco Vermelho Digital. The group is the most popular funk team in Cidade de Deus nowadays. It started with small groups of dancers that didn’t have ways to go to TV or couldn’t start a career and looked for DJ Fabrício for help.

                This funk isn’t considered good, but the radio music lyrics are composed based on this funk music. “The songs I write are the ones they play on the radio.” Says DJ Fabrício.

                Either people want it or not, like it or not, Funk is a cultural movement that expresses the reality of some people in Rio de Janeiro. The music has a lively rhythm. What do you think about funk?

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