Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Musical Quiz

Do you like music?
What’s your favourite type of music? Rock? Pop? Sertanejo?
Answer this quiz about our favourite singers/band if you can 
(or try to guess…).
Leave a comment with the correct answers!

1- Where was Lady Gaga Born? 
a)   Paris
b)   London
c)   New York
d)   Texas

2- What is Bruno Mars’ real name?
a)   Peter Bruno Hernandez
b)   Peter Gene Mars
c)   Peter Gene Hernandez
d)   Bruno Gene Hernandes

3- Where was Bruno Mars born?
a)   France
b)   England
c)   Hawaii
d)   Spain

4- How is Beyoncé’s voice classified? 
   a)   Mezzo treble
   b)   Treble spirit
   c)   Spirit dramatic soprano
   d)   Dramatic mezzo treble 

5- Who is considered the 
"King of Pop"?
   a) Elvis Presley
   b) Justin Bieber
   c) Elton John
   d) Michael Jackson

6- What is Demi Lovato’s real name?
a)   Demetria Devonne Lovato
b)   Demelia Lovato
c)   Delina Doflis Lovato
d)   Demetria Lovato

7- How many brothers does Justin Bieber have?
a)   2
b)   3
c)   4
d)   5

8- Which of this singers is David Beckham’s wife?
  a)   Katy Perry
  b)   Madonna
  c)   Victoria
  d)   Joelma (Calypso)


9- Who is Justin Bieber’s girlfriend?
a)   Miley Cyrus
b)   Brenda Song
c)   Miranda Cosgrove 
d)   Selena Gomez

Is your favourite band or singer here in this quiz? No? So, leave a comment and tell us:  what do you like listening to?

Basic 2 - Mon/Tue 12:45
Teacher: RaquelDantas