Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SWU 2011

 Last weekend a lot of Brazilians had the chance of taking part in one of the most important  musical event : SWU ( Start With You). An event that promotes world sustainability and awareness of our responsibility with nature. Some bands and singers  had great performance. Here we selected:

Peter Gabriel was born in Chobham, February 13, 1950. He is 61 years old. He  is a musician from England, one of the  representatives of  the World Music. He founded Genesis in 1967 when he was a student at Charterhouse School with his mates. His career is closely related to pop rock. He became famous for being the vocalist, flutist and leader of the progressive rock band Genesis, starting later to a successful solo career. Peter Gabriel won his first Grammy for best soundtrack album, "Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ.

Damian Marley is a famous reggae singer from Jamaica. He was born in July 21st , 1978. He’s 33 years old and began his career at 13 years old. He’s a winner of three Grammies. His best albuns are “ Halfway tree” and “welcome to Jamrock” . In September was released the first album of the band super heavy, which Damian is one the members with Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart, Joss Stone and A. R. Rahaman.

Courtney Michelle Love ( born July 9th, 1964) is an American rock musician. Love is the leader vocalist, composer, and  rhythm guitarist for alternative rock band.  Hole, which she formed in 1989 and is an actress who has moved from  bit parts in Alex Cox films to significant and acclaimed roles in the people  vs Larry Flyint and Man on the Moon. She was married to Kurt Kobain. She was born in San Francisco, California. Her most famous songs are: Pretty on the inside, Live through this, Celebry Skin, Nobody’s daughter and America’s Sweetheart.

The Black Eyed Peas is a band formed by William James Adams Junior ( WILL I AM), Alan Pinedo Lindo (APL. DE . AP), Jaime Luiz Gomes ( TABOO), Stacy Ann Ferguson (FERGIE). William was born on March 15th, 1975 in the USA. APL. DE. AP was born on November 28th , 1974 in the Filipines. TABOO was born in July 14th, 1975 in California, the USA. FERGIE was born on March 27th , 1975 in California, the USA.  They started singing together in 1995. Their best albuns are The beginning, the E.N.D, Monkey Business, Elephunk, Bridiging the Gap, Behind the Front. They usually  play Hip Hop, R & B, Electropop, Electrohop, Pop Music and Soul Music.

Watch the video and  make your comments. What bands would you like to see in 2012?
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Teacher Andrea