Thursday, September 22, 2011

Music is my medicine

        In the song “Don´t stop the party” by Black Eyed Peas, we can hear the line “music is my medicine”. Then we started to think about that. Is music real in my life? OK, we listen to music all the time. It is a good way to identify our feelings, isn´t it? When we are depressed or upset there is probably a song about it that makes us feel better. Would you rather be at a party with or without music?
       On this blog, it isn´t our intention to talk about famous singers. We want to show you ours stories and know yours, through the comments. Our musical taste can be different from one another but we all agree that life with music is FUNNIER!

Music for relaxing

      “Music is vital in my life because it helps me think about things which make me happier.  Music is also helpful when I am stressed out. It helps me to overcome problems.”

      “When I listen to music is just to get into another world because music takes me a higher level. I usually imagine fascinating stories which are only in my mind. I can live many lives, create many places and situations that the song allows me to.
Whenever I am down in the dumps and I would like to be happy, I listen to special songs which have messages that fit the experience I am going through.”

Music at work

      “As a teacher I reckon music is very important in a gym, especially in the treadmill room. Running is the kind of exercise that most requires a surrounding sound because there is an internal battle to continue running and forget the pain or stop the exercise. Music helps the mind forget tiredness. A study showed that the performance can be improved 20% when the person is listening to music. Next time you start exercising, don't forget to carry your MP4 player because your performance will be much better.”

      “The music in my life is present at moments of relaxation and my studies. As I study History of Music at University, it's also important for my job. I read some academic paper about music. It's so interesting to listen to it when you know its historical context.”

Music in family

      “I grew up in a musical family. Music has always taken part in our lives, listening to the radio or learning from a music teacher who used to teach me, my brothers and sisters. I always thought of being a singer. At the same time I was studying to be an architect, I had voice lessons. I think about music all the time and everything I do during the day is with music.”

      “My musical taste, influenced by my parents reflects on my personality. Since I was a child, I’ve listened to bands that weren’t for kids: Elton John, Sade, Lighthouse Family, Counting Crows, Cat Stevens…. I don’t know how, but listening to that turned me and my sister into more mature people.”

      “Music has always been part of my life. My father's taste for classical, romantic composers and traditional jazz is present in my emotional memory. The contact with this art of high standard, which started in my childhood, was essential to the development of my musical esthetic sensibility. In my adolescence music played such important role in my life to the point of discovering that it would bring me professional fulfillment. After finishing academic studies and experiencing some of these aspects, I can say today that my life would me almost impossible without music.”

      “I can't imagine my life without music since I was born music has always been present. My mother  was a pianist and also played the guitar. She used to get together with my cousins every weekend to have fun by playing and singing. Then I grew up in a musical family. Of course this turned out to be my profession and my history. Music is essential to me. It makes me dream and unwind. I think life without music would be as if I were totally in darkness.”

Do you fancy sharing your experiences with us?

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